New E-Book “Beat the Stress in 4 Steps” Offers Assistance to Women Suffering from Tension, Stress and Anxiety

February 01 17:19 2018

Stress is unfortunately being included in the lives of many millions of individuals all around the world. For one reason or another, whether it is studies, work or money, a lot of WOMANS are getting too prone to intense amount of stress in their lives.

To alleviate this issue, the staff of doctor Cristiana Isabella Vignoli is proud to announce her latest work called “Beat the Stress in 4 Steps”.

It is complete kit consisting of one e-book + 2 audio tracks and one video. The aim is to provide a relief to womans who are exhausted, tired and under an intense amount of stress due to their hectic lives.

The audio tracks were created on woman’s wellness psychology.

This Kit has proven to work for people who suffer from sleeplessness, stress and for those who cannot find the time to care themselves properly.

The purpose of the Kit is to allow you to understand what happens in your body when you are stressed and give yourself the opportunity to change: utilizing a special technique called Magnetic Healing.

The women who used it in Italy, where the book has become Best Seller, have stated that they are starting to see positive changes from just 10 days of usage – making it not just one of the most affordable ways to relieve stress out there – but also one of the most reliable and simplistic ones.

Instead of opting for supplements that leave scars and stains on the person using them, opting for Kit “Beat the Stress in 4 Steps” can not only improve one’s mental condition but also ensure that they remain safe from a multitude of different ailments and side-effects.

Beat the Stress in 4 Steps is an Kit that it has been thought, written and wanted by dr. Cristiana Isabella Vignoli. She is the “Creativity Coach” for women – who has assisted many women in attaining their goals and acquiring new skills.

In Italy she is famous because she has written quite a few notable books (“The hidden goddess”; “Parents of Light”; “the modern goddess”) and she is a speaker in international conferences as  scholar of female psychology

The dr. Cristiana Isabella Vignoli about 20 years ago created the method called Magnetic Healing®.

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