Gadsly has everything businesses need to fulfill social media marketing objectives

August 17 19:43 2022
Gadsly is a digital marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses offering advertising services for Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Social Media, and more.

Gadsly, a digital marketing agency for small and medium-sized businesses, understands how time-consuming managing and scaling social media campaigns can be. The laundry list of “must do’s” for effectively growing a business’s social presence is endless, ranging from content ideation and creation to scheduling posts and keeping up with trends.

Although Gadsly’s primary book of business is focused on scaling Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click campaigns, their Social Media Management book of business has grown at the same rate as social media use. After hearing from their customers and employees, it was clear that there was a market for easing the workload and timesuck that is social media management.

Businesses can use the app to easily publish and schedule posts on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and others. Seamlessly customize each post to perfection while also getting a bird’s-eye view of the business’ social calendar to review all of its posts at a glance. Their analytics dashboard provides all the information needed to make sound decisions about social media strategy, as well as the ability to instantly download reports to share between departments.

Improve response rates and engagement with followers by consolidating all communication under one umbrella with their Social Inbox, which allows the business to engage with its audience and track followers’ comments, story replies, or posts made by fans. The business’ whole team can access the app, making its internal workflow clutter-free.

The ability to collaborate, publish, and measure all in one place is revolutionary. Within the app, any business will also find built-in inspiration for trending topics to help foster content generation and alleviate the lift that comes with content ideation. “We’ve all heard horror stories about how social media can easily devour all of your time. Launching a one-stop shop to easily manage all of your social outlets has become a huge asset to our team, as well as our customers. It’s like Mission Control for social media,” said Nicole Dietz, Founder & CEO of Gadsly.

Gadsly’s app provides a low-cost way for business owners and influencers to better manage their social media presence and accelerate their transformational growth in the ever-changing digital world. “We learn everything about your industry, your business, and your audience, which gives us the ability to develop a strategy and pivot on a dime when we notice an actionable change,” said Dietz.

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