Winning The War on The Wealthy: A Video Conversation with Family Enterprise USA’s Pat Soldano and Well-known Political Strategist Dr. Frank Luntz

July 06 20:04 2022

In a wide-ranging conversation, Pat Soldano, president, Family Enterprise USA, sat down with noted political strategist and messaging expert Dr. Frank Luntz to discuss how family businesses are coping in these challenging times.

The conversation was held during the recent Lido Family Office Investment Symposium in Santa Monica, Calif., and focuses on how family businesses are surviving in a divided America. The discussion centers on how family businesses and the government must invest in the success of the country as a whole.

“We wanted to touch on the importance of sharing family business success stories and how leaving a legacy for your family is one of the strengths of this country,” said Pat Soldano, president, Family Enterprise USA. “The whole notion of success today in family businesses has changed, and not necessarily for the better,” she said.

One of the key points Luntz urged attendees to understand is the importance of language and messaging in a media-driven world.

“Our research shows we’ve never been more divided as a country, and it scares me,” Luntz said. “There is a strong opinion out there that this country is not giving back, and this must be addressed if we are going to survive as a nation.”

They two also addressed the changing American Dream and how generationally-owned family businesses are fighting against burdensome taxes and unnecessary regulation.  Soldano re-emphasized the critical importance of sharing family business stories, both positive and negative, to illustrate what is at stake.

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Family Enterprise USA promotes family business creation, growth, viability, and sustainability by advocating for family businesses and their lifetime of savings with Congress in Washington DC.  FEUSA represents and celebrates all sizes, professions and industries of family-owned businesses and multi-generational employers. FEUSA is a 501.C3 organization.

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