Webtalk Expands SocialCPX Social Commission Program, Enabling Members to Earn More from Affiliate Referrals

June 24 19:12 2020
Social marketplace allows members to generate revenue from members in their networks!

TAMPA – June 24, 2020 – Webtalk, the revolutionary social marketplace that enables its members to integrate multiple social platforms, search, contacts and communications, announced today that it has expanded its program for social commissions. The program, known as Social Commission Per Exchange, or SocialCPX, makes it possible for Webtalk members to earn commissions on transactions completed by members of their networks. It establishes a permanent affiliate relationship between the member and the person he or she refers to the network.

“The goal of the newly updated SocialCPX program is to give our members a right that no other social platform has ever granted, but which should have been the norm since the start,” said a spokesperson for Webtalk. “Other platforms rely on members to initiate commercial transactions for free. The platform makes money, but the member, who did the work, gets nothing. That’s not fair, in our view. People should be rewarded for driving business to online commerce and other profitable activities. Webtalk is the first and only platform to cut the member in on the lucrative action.”

Earning Referral Credits

With SocialCPX, a Webtalk member earns referral credits by introducing his or her contacts into the network. This is relatively easy to do, because Webtalk automatically integrates the member’s contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks. The platform can also import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so forth. From there, if the member posts on Webtalk about a product, service or event, and people in his or her network click through and buy it, the member earns a commission.

The process gives the member the option to convert referral points into cash. The profitable referral affiliate relationships last for the entire duration of the membership. Once a referral connection has been established between a member and a person in his or her network, the member will continue to earn commissions from any resulting commerce activity.

The process works across multiple networks. For example, a member of Facebook might post a new song for sale on a music site. If a Webtalk member then shares this Facebook post to his Webtalk network, he is eligible for commissions when people in his network pay to download the song. The spokesperson added, “When anyone clicks on your content links from Webtalk, they are brought to Webtalk. If they join, you get credit for the referral!”

Webtalk encourages its members to treat their profile link as if were a business card. “When you share your profile link via social networks and text messages, your link is tracked to your referral rewards account,” the spokesperson said. This can work effectively in sharing news, blogs, photos, videos and more.

A New Kind of Social Media Platform

Webtalk is a new kind of social media platform and search engine. Users can consolidate and segregate their contacts based on the type of relationship. For instance, they can separate business colleagues from social acquaintances. However, users can still earn commissions from sharing on the platform. “If you really want a more meaningful relationship in every sphere of your life, you will find much to love on Webtalk,” the spokesperson noted.

Webtalk gives users the ability to post once on Webtalk, but then have the post appear on multiple additional networks, such as Facebook. With integrated contact management and communications, Webtalk thus becomes a unified, efficient hub of productivity and messaging for the user. “We all waste time and get distracted by endless toggling between networks and communications platforms,” the spokesperson commented. “This is inefficient and potentially even stressful. With Webtalk, you only have to focus on one app. You can manage all your relationships in one place.”

About Webtalk

Webtalk has invested several years in researching, developing and building a revolutionary social-marketplace search engine. It based on trust, and has the goal of changing how the world works. The company’s focus is to organize and validate the world’s information, surrounding people and businesses, to create a trustworthy virtual economy. Its ultimate goal is to create a safer and more successful world.

People use Webtalk to seamlessly manage all of their personal and business relationships. The company is now introducing ways for members to use Webtalk to conduct due diligence on individuals and entities prior to completing a transaction. The Webtalk marketplace and SocialCPX programs further enable users to monetize their networks.

Invite Only Status

Currently, Webtalk is not offering open enrollment while Beta testing is in progress. The only way new members can join is through the links, email, banners and new posts of existing members.

For more information, visit https://earn.webtalk.co/joinfree

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