November 07 02:55 2018

PINEHURST, NC – CEO of Blue Coast Savings Consultants, a leading business consulting group, based in Key West Florida, has been featured on the cover of Franchising Today Magazine.

Franchising Today is the must-read trade publication for franchise professionals who want to stay informed of the latest trends and challenges in the dynamic franchise marketplace. Through print and digital publications, website, industry associations and independent editorial, Franchising Today ensures that executives are kept up-to-date on the latest happenings in the franchising space.

Shawn Hull, CEO of Blue Coast Savings Consultants, was interviewed for this issue of Franchising Today.  The four-page featured story explores how Blue Coast helps organizations to increase profits by reducing expenses, and the various services they offer to reduce expenses and recover overcharges, in areas such as: Employee Health Benefits, Property Tax, Credit Card merchant accounts, Worker’s Comp insurance, Waste disposal, wireless services, and more. Other services such as Automated Electronic Payments for Accounts Payable, put additional revenue directly to their clients’ bottom line.

The story goes inside to uncover how Blue Coast is 100 percent performance-based, only billing clients for a percentage of the savings obtained for them. “We provide a risk-free financial benefit,” Hull adds. “If there is no refund, there is no fee. We are 100 percent performance-based.”  The story goes on to discuss the Blue Coast business model and the opportunity that business professionals have to work with, and become, a Blue Coast consultant.

Franchising Today dedicated the magazine cover, featuring Blue Coast’s CEO, Shawn Hull, diving with tiger sharks.

“It was an honor to be featured in Franchising Today,” comments Blue Coast’s CEO, Shawn Hull; “I’m especially proud of the hard work and integrity of our hundreds of consultants across the country.  And of course; our terrific clients, because our success can only be measured by theirs.”

The online version includes an amazing video where Mr. Hull recorded a tiger shark stealing a camera from another diver.  The video can be found along with the complete story here

About Blue Coast Savings Consultants

In business, there are two ways to increase profits; either increase sales and revenue, or reduce expenses.  For over twelve years, Blue Coast has been dedicated to identifying new opportunities to help businesses increase profits by reducing expenses, recovering overcharges, and taking advantage of available tax incentives.

Blue Coast is constantly testing innovative marketing initiatives that put their consultants in front of the millions of businesses who need their help.

For more information, please call Chris Cunningham at (800) 467-2310 Ext 24

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